Casa empowers individuals to secure their digital sovereignty through self-custody.

The Tioga team has been incredibly helpful to Casa from the very first connection we had with them. They were thorough and thoughtful in their diligence even before investing in us, and they have displayed the same level of care and attention to detail in all of our interactions since. I greatly appreciate their view on the European market and assistance as we expand to that market and beyond.

Nick Neuman - Casa

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Partnered with Tioga


Casa empowers individuals to secure their digital sovereignty. They developed the best personal key system on the planet, which is designed by renowned Bitcoin and privacy expert Jameson Lopp. Casa’s unique multi-location security model removes single points of failure and protects you from theft, accidents, and disasters. Be it as an individual, a group, fund, or larger institution, Casa architects multisig security solutions designed to suit your specific needs. A mixture of both hardware, software and white glove support. They pair their solution with dedicated 24/7 advisors, all of the necessary equipment required and a personalized on-boarding experience. In short: the highest level of cryptographic key security combined with easy usability.