We back exceptional founders and blockchain protocols that bring us closer to a world of more individual sovereignty, trust, and privacy.



“In a world that becomes ever more digital, the relevance of cryptography and blockchain technology will increase substantially for businesses and end-users alike.” Bart Preneel
“We see a growing demand for blockchain applications in the market, yet due to a lack of funding the European ecosystem is not developed enough to meet that demand. With a complementary team, Tioga is ideally positioned to capture this opportunity in Europe.” Stijn Bijnens
"I’m interested in how decentralized networks allow for the separation of money and state by giving open-source protocols a way to compete in this previously closed market." Michiel Lescrauwaet
“There has been a growing lack of trust towards institutions and I am convinced that blockchain will have a profound impact by restoring that trust. After returning to Europe, I noticed a strong dislocation in the blockchain ecosystem and decided to launch Tioga Capital to support entrepreneurs that are solving those problems" Nicolas Priem
“Blockchain forces us to fundamentally question and redesign legal concepts and regulations. Tioga offers the opportunity to actively help various start-ups navigate the regulatory landscape. This is the challenge I’ve been looking for.” Olivier Lefebvre
“At Smartfin, we see many opportunities around blockchain and believe in its potential. Collaborating on smart and trusted datasets as well as securing sensitive information is ever more important. We believe Tioga is best positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and we’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership” Jürgen Ingels
“New technologies are increasingly centralized. I believe blockchain technology and crypto assets offer a powerful & important counterforce by enabling a decentralized control of data. In addition, I am enthusiastic about how crypto assets can help to better distribute value creation.” Patrick Van de Mosselaer

Core Team

Nicolas Priem

Managing Director & CIO

Patrick Van de Mosselaer

Managing Director

Michiel Lescrauwaet

Managing Director

Atul Luykx

Technical Advisor (external)

Olivier Lefebvre

Legal Counsel

SmartFin Partnership

We work closely together with one of Europe’s leading FinTech VCs.

Jürgen Ingels

Founding Partner SmartFin

Thomas Depuydt

Managing Partner SmartFin

Advisory Board

Bart Preneel

Head of COSIC Research Lab

Stijn Bijnens

CEO Cegeka

Alex Pruden

Chief Strategy Officer at Aleo Systems Inc.

Operating Partners

We engage collaboratively with entrepreneurs and provide significant support as and when needed. For this reason, the Tioga team is surrounded by experienced people who are willing to roll up their sleeves to support management.

Hanna Zubko

Co-Founder and CEO at IntellectEU

Quentin Adam

Founder and CEO of Numerium3

Jean-Marc Bonnefous

Ex-Global head of Commodity Derivatives at BNP Paribas

Jean-Luc Verhelst

Bitcoin & Blockchain author

Thomas Daniels

Start-up advice

Max Boonen

Founder at B2C2 | Financial markets expert

Hendrik Ghys

Director at NXMH



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