Headquartered in Belgium, we provide our investors with exposure to the growing European blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on early-stage opportunities in the infrastructure layer.

Besides their asymmetric risk/return profile, blockchain investments provide a hedge against currency debasement and web 2.0 data monopolies in a well-diversified portfolio.

Our institutional-grade investment vehicle out of Luxembourg enables our investors to gain that exposure in a compliant and secure way.

“In a world that becomes ever more digital, the relevance of cryptography and blockchain technology will increase substantially for businesses and end-users alike.” – Bart Preneel

“We see a growing demand for blockchain applications in the market, yet due to a lack of funding the European ecosystem is not developed enough to meet that demand. With a complementary team, Tioga is ideally positioned to capture this opportunity in Europe.” – Stijn Bijnens

“I’m interested in how decentralized networks allow for the separation of money and state by giving open-source protocols a way to compete in this previously closed market.” – Michiel Lescrauwaet

“There has been a growing lack of trust towards institutions and I am convinced that blockchain will have a profound impact by restoring that trust. After returning to Europe, I noticed a strong dislocation in the blockchain ecosystem and decided to launch Tioga Capital to support entrepreneurs that are solving those problems” – Nicolas Priem

“Blockchain forces us to fundamentally question and redesign legal concepts and regulations. Tioga offers the opportunity to actively help various start-ups navigate the regulatory landscape. This is the challenge I’ve been looking for.” – Olivier Lefebvre

“At Smartfin, we see many opportunities around blockchain and believe in its potential. Collaborating on smart and trusted datasets as well as securing sensitive information is ever more important. We believe Tioga is best positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and we’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership” – Jürgen Ingels

“New technologies are increasingly centralized. I believe blockchain technology and crypto assets offer a powerful & important counterforce by enabling a decentralized control of data” – Patrick Van De Mosselaer



Investment focus

European deal flow surpasses the number of deals in the USA, but is lacking a local fund ecosystem to support innovation. The investment opportunity is in the seed and series A rounds of projects focused on building the infrastructure layer for the technology to flourish.


Infrastructure & open finance

Equity (focus) and crypto assets

€500k- €5M ticket size

5+ year horizon



Digital-sovereign crypto assets will continue to emerge as leading stores of value and ultimately become reference units of account alongside state-sovereign currencies

Web3 infrastructure and the decentralized technology stack will allow for individual data ownership and control as well as better privacy

Open finance applications will be built on top of this infrastructure, allowing for trusted financial services accessible to a global investment public



We back exceptional founders and blockchain protocols that bring us closer to a world of more individual sovereignty, trust, and privacy.

Core Team

Nicolas Priem

Managing Director & CIO


Prior to co-founding Tioga Capital Partners, Nicolas was a founding team member and part
of the executive committee as Vice President at the Brussels based private equity fund Core
Equity Holdings (+€1B AuM). In 2015, Nicolas discovered the emerging crypto asset class
during his tenure at the San Francisco based private equity fund Altamont Capital Partners
(+$2.5B AuM), where he served as Vice President taking on multiple investment and
operational roles. Earlier in his career, Nicolas was a consultant at Bain & Company residing
in Brussels, London, and Los Angeles, which set the foundations for his ever-evolving career
in finance and investing. Nicolas holds a master’s degree in finance from the KUL, a master’s
in general management from the Vlerick Business School, and has passed his CFA level III.

Focus areas: investment strategy, commercial/valuation due diligence, and investor relations

Patrick Van De Mosselaer

Managing Director


Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with knowledge on
go-to-market strategies within the emerging technology space. After successfully starting,
scaling, and exiting multiple ventures ranging from scalable hospitality concepts to B2C med-tech platforms in Western Europe, Patrick co-founded Tioga Capital as COO. Earlier in his career, Patrick was a consultant at Roland Berger in Belgium, France, Russia, and the US
which set the foundation for his passion around building, growing, and investing in
businesses. With his experience and network in the start-up world, Patrick is
leading the operational due diligence activities as well as the early-stage investments at

Focus areas: product/team due diligence, equity investments, and operations

Michiel Lescrauwaet

Managing Director


Michiel has been an active investor for over 10 years and more recently started to focus on VC & angel investments.

He holds a MSc degree in Business Administration (summa cum laude) and macroeconomics (magna cum laude). His Master’s thesis “Investor attention and short-term return reversals” was published in a peer-reviewed finance journal.

Prior to his role at Tioga, he co-founded Adamant Capital, a Bitcoin focused fund, and helped develop Bitcoin valuation metrics that are widely used today.

Focus areas: Investment strategy, investment research, and investment sourcing

To be announced

Technical Advisor


As a cryptographer, he has been conducting research in the development and analysis of
cryptographic algorithms for the last 7 years. With over 20 articles published at top
cryptographic venues, and as co-designer of five algorithms (one standardized at ISO), he
brings deep technical expertise and connections that are leveraged in Tioga’s diligence

With his expertise and deep network in the space, he also provides invaluable
advice to drive value creation at the early-stage investments of the fund.

Focus areas: technical due diligence, custody, and research/publications

Olivier Lefebvre

Legal Counsel


Olivier has been active as an international tax lawyer for the last decade in Belgium and
Luxembourg. He gained professional experience first as a tax consultant within the financial
services department at EY and later became the group tax counsel of a large private equity
firm, JAB Holding Company (+$10B AuM). With his experience as tax-advisor and in-house
tax lawyer in Luxembourg, Olivier has deep expertise in the Luxembourg fund ecosystem
and serves as Tioga Capital’s General Counsel and Partner. His role not only consists in
outlining the regulatory and tax framework of the fund, but also in leading the legal due
diligence activities. Olivier holds a masters degree in law and an LLM in taxation from the
KUL, as well as a postgraduate in business administration from the EMS. Olivier also
completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program at the Saïd Business School.

Focus areas: legal due diligence, regulatory/tax matters, and structuring/reporting

SmartFin Partnership

Jürgen Ingels

Founding Partner SmartFin


Jürgen Ingels is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

He was the founder and CFO of Clear2Pay, a leading payments technology company. Under his leadership, he grew the company to one of the world leaders in payment software with more than 1.200 employees in 14 countries.

Today, Jürgen is the founder and managing director of SmartFin, a fund targeting promising European technology companies. Jürgen is also the initiator of ‘Supernova’, Belgium’s biggest technology and innovation festival. He is involved in various companies like Guardsquare, Silverfin, Cumul.io, The Glue… Jürgen currently holds a board position in countless reputable companies from various sectors: Materialise (NASDAQ: MTLS), Itiviti, Willemen, Ghelamco, UnifiedPost, WDP (Euronext), Itineris, Exellys, and more.

Thomas Depuydt

Managing Partner SmartFin


Thomas is managing partner at SmarFin, an investment firm investing in growing B2B technology companies.

Before joining SmartFin, Thomas worked as Portfolio Manager for iMinds (now part of imec), where he managed a portfolio of 100+ companies that graduated from the iMinds’ incubation program including e.g. Ugentec, Posios, Datacamp. Prior to that, Thomas worked at Bain & Company as part of their private equity practice, and performed due diligence and post-acquisition work for large investment funds. He was also involved in digital transformation projects for blue-chip companies in FMCG and Financial Services industry. Thomas started his career at Accenture, where he defined product specifications and did software testing as part of large software implementations in sectors such as utilities, chemicals, and natural resources. He currently holds Board positions at Cumul.io, Silverfin, and Theo technologies.

Thomas holds a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Leuven and a Master of Science in Computer Sciences from the University of Ghent and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Advisory Board

Bart Preneel

Head of COSIC Research Lab


Prof. Dr. Ir. Bart Preneel is a world-renowned expert in blockchain and cryptography, co-
author of over 1000 publications, containing multiple standardized and widely used
cryptographic algorithms and attaining over 23,000 citations. In 2014, he received the RSA
Award for Excellence in Mathematics and in 2015 he was elected as a Fellow of the IACR
(International Association for Cryptologic Research). Besides teaching and leading research,
Bart chairs multiple top-tier conferences has led as president of the IACR, and frequently
consults for industry and governments about security and privacy technology.

Stijn Bijnens

CEO Cegeka


Ir. Stijn Bijnens, has 11 years of experience as CEO of a successful Belgian venture capital fund (LRM).
Prior, he co-founded a network security software company -Ubizen- that he IPO’ed on Nasdaq in
1999 at ~500M EUR valuation. Currently, he is the CEO of  Cegeka, a leading European IT
service company.

Kyle d’Souza

President Stanford Blockchain club


Kyle graduated this year with a double major from Stanford and was accepted into the graduate program in Computer Science, which he started this
year. Previously, he worked in three continents, held leadership positions in both private, research, and government sectors, taught a class at Stanford, and currently advises several projects. He also leads the Stanford Blockchain Club and has experience with startup strategy and scaling organizations.



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