Investment focus

At Tioga we focus on being the best European long-term partner for exceptional Web3 entrepreneurs.

Our beliefs

Towards a future of decentralized trust models that enable

Individual Sovereignty

We invest in the great awakening of the sovereign individual and the potential of peer to peer distributed networks to reshape the nature of reality.

Data Ownership

In Web2 data was “the new oil” – in Web3 data is open and abundant, allowing developers and creators to break up the Web2 data monopolies.

Open Finance

Permissionless blockchains allow for interoperability and give developers and users alike access to financial products at a global scale, from day one.


True sovereignty comes with privacy, a fundamental human right to protect the minority from the majority.

investment mandate

European long-term partner

We focus on being the best European long-term partner to exceptional Web3 entrepreneurs.

Infrastructure & Open Finance

We focus on the ‘picks and shovels’ with a particular interest in DeFi infrastructure, NFT infrastructure, compliance, and applications that benefit from Web3’s composability features.

Equity & Crypto Assets

We have the flexibility to hold both equity as well as crypto assets on the balance sheet.

When it comes to token investments, we strongly believe in aligning incentives between entrepreneurs, the community, and investors.

€500K – €5M ticket size

We invest from Pre-Seed to Series B stages


Europe has over 20x less dedicated capital available than in the US, while the number of deals on both continents is in the same ballpark.

This funding dislocation in the market, coupled with a strong foundation of technical talent and regulatory clarity is why we focus on Europe.

5+ year investment horizon

We take a long-term approach to supporting entrepreneurs.

Tioga is a very valuable investor for Scorechain: as a lead investor, they have helped us connect with key European investors and their role is important in the recruitment and growth process. Also post-investment, Patrick and Nicolas are always available while placing great confidence in the management team. We are convinced that they will be able to support Scorechain in the next stages of its development.

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The Tioga team is deeply entrenched into the blockchain ecosystem which is highly valuable to create synergies within the space. After writing a cheque they are fully on board and are more than keen to support us as a startup and to further mature our organisation. A solid investor partner and trusted board member to help us grow into our full potential.

Tim Dierckxsens – Venly

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As soon as we got to know Tioga it was clear that they had a thorough understanding of the DeFi market. Even before their investment decision was made, they introduced us to a valuable partner who later joined the investment round and is now our single biggest client on top.

Alexis Masseron – Atlendis

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We find it hard to find a VC team who knows perfectly well blockchain, crypto, and how to run a business. But we have found it with Tioga Partners’ team. This will definitely boost our development, benefiting from strong and smart support

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